As Northeastern instructors and student move teaching and learning online during these unprecedented times, having access to easy-to-use and familiar technology tools, along with the right resources and support, is as important as ever. For this reason, the university is expanding its service portfolio in support of digital teaching to include Zoom video conferencing.

Zoom is a leading video conferencing platform that offers instructors features and functionality especially useful for online teaching. Zoom’s highlighted benefits include:

    • the ability to see more students at a time, not just the ones actively participating, up to 49 videos at once in a grid;
    • the ability to automatically start session recordings, so you can focus more on teaching and less on the technology;
    • the ability to use an iOS device to annotate and share a whiteboard in a session; and
    • greater flexibility for sharing audio and media using multiple browsers.

To get started, Zoom meetings can be found in every Northeastern Blackboard course under tools. It will also integrate with all Canvas courses. For more information on Zoom for teaching and learning and further resources, please visit the Zoom overview article.

Zoom joins the university’s portfolio of video conferencing software, which includes Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for teaching and learning, and Microsoft Teams as the primary conferencing and collaboration solution for the digital workplace and business operations.

Visit the Digital Teaching page for support and additional technologies for bringing courses online.

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