Digital Teaching

The university is replacing Blackboard with Canvas as the university’s next learning management systemCanvas is strongly encouraged for all summer 2020 courses. In fall 2020, all courses will be on Canvas and Blackboard will be archived.

Academic Technologies, The Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Research (CATLR), and the Office of the Provost are supporting faculty to learn more about this transformation by offering a variety of training and support options, including one-on-one training and mentoring, online self-guided sessions, seminars on course design and implementation, and training sessions with instructional technologists. Some colleges may have specific plans for transitioning to Canvas. For any questions on college-specific processes, please check with your college.  

Preparing for your first week in Canvas

This guide provides instructors with the key actions and resources to shift to Canvas as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Log in to Canvas and complete the following tasks to make courses live in Canvas.

Personalize your Canvas experience

Log in and edit personalized settings in Canvas that will get you started.

Set the stage for learning in Canvas

Begin editing your Canvas homepage and add a course syllabus.

Organize the week

Organize each week’s materials, activities, and assignments to guide students in navigating Canvas.

Publish your content

Make course content active to begin teaching through Canvas.

Invite your students

Access announcements and messaging features to welcome students to the course!

How to Get Started Teaching Online Courses in Canvas

Below are resources and instructions to get started with Canvas and other educational technologies used to complete common teaching tasks online. For similar resources in Blackboard, visit the Blackboard Digital Teaching page.

Access Canvas Courses

Access Northeastern’s Canvas learning management system online at Use your myNortheastern username and password to log in.

Post a Syllabus

Upload your syllabus so that students will understand how to succeed in your course.

Post Content

Create or upload readings and other materials required for students to complete the course.

Send an Email to Students

Use Canvas to communicate to some or all students in a course.

Create a Discussion

Create or a discussion to allow students to connect over course topics.

Record a Lecture in Panopto

Create simple lecture videos recording your screen or PowerPoint using Panopto.

Post and Grade Assignments

Assign work for students to submit in Canvas, and then provide grades and feedback.

Post  and Grade  Quizzes 

Build and share a quiz for students to take in Canvas, then grade and provide feedback as necessary.

Meet with Students Online

Hold class, group discussions, or office hours using Zoom, the real-time conferencing tool integrated into every Canvas course

Build Digital Learning Experiences 

After getting started, explore common questions, best practices, and strategies for teaching online.

Common Questions When Teaching Online

Find answers and go-to tips for effective lectures, activities, assignments, grading, office hours, and more. 

Strategies for Teaching Online

View more tips and tricks for effective learning resources, engaging students, and more.

Support and Training

Find out about training sessions, drop-in hours, consultations, and other university resources for teaching online and staying connected, even when afar.

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