To streamline the ordering and delivery of university-managed computers for faculty and staff who are working remotely as a result of COVID-19, a new website and ordering process has been established. All Northeastern staff members, and faculty members who choose a university-managed computer, should select from among the four macOS and Windows options featured on the homepage of

Laptops ordered from among the four featured on the new website will be automatically shipped to the faculty or staff member’s preferred address, as entered during the request process. Laptops will arrive ready to log in and use with minimal setup, allowing for mobility and flexibility to work from anywhere. All laptops, as well as the optional accessory bundles designed to provide a desktop experience, come with support and warranty services through the IT Service Desk.

To purchase one of these computers, please navigate to and click the Submit a request button, located above and below the computer and accessory options. Requests can also be made by navigating directly to the Laptop for University Use request form in the Northeastern Tech Service Portal. Under this new process, once the request form is submitted through the Tech Service Portal and is signed off by the financial approver, purchases will be fulfilled and delivery arranged.

Please note, if a faculty or staff member wishes to purchase a computer other than those offered under this new arrangement, they do continue to have this option via myMarketplace and the university’s approved vendors. However, the setup and management options for such devices, as well as support from the IT Service Desk, may be more limited, at this time. The recipient of such a device may need to take additional, manual steps to configure their computer, once received. Additionally, the individual who initiates the purchase of the computer will be responsible for reaching out to, to arrange to have the device shipped to the recipient’s remote work location. Please also note, Dell computer options are currently backordered up to seven weeks.

Selection from one of the four computer options offered under this new, streamlined arrangement is strongly encouraged, as this is the easiest and most reliable method to quickly acquire, and get working with, a new device.

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